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Short Run Metal Stampings

What is it?

The term "Short Run Stampings" is used to describe a process for making metal parts from a unique tooling method. A true short run metal stamping facility will normally use insert tooling that fit into master holders and fixtures. This is a very economical way to build hard tooling.

At National Metal Stampings, we have developed a proprietary tooling method using low cost inserts capable of manufacturing very simple to the most complex of parts. We utilize state-of-the-art CAD programs along with a variety of CNC machines to produce our tooling in our modern, in-house toolroom.

Our tooling will appear as a one time "non-recurring engineering charge", or NREC on your quote. National Metal Stampings will maintain this tooling for the life of the job regardless of how many parts you order. This tooling method is the fastest and most economical way to make parts from dies and starts at $250.00 for a simple flat part with round holes. This tooling method is also the quickest and most economical to alter in the event of a revision change.

The average short run metal stamping customer would require economical tooling, quick lead times on tooling, and short re-order lead times. Average order quantities range from 50 to 10,000 pieces per delivery, or 500 to 100,000 pieces annually.

Short run metal stamping is a great way to bring new product to market quickly and economically. Even as demand for your product increases and high-volume tooling becomes warranted, National Metal Stampings can keep your supply chain fed as high-volume tooling is being built or goes offline for maintenance.

Sheet metal companies often promote their facilities as "short run stamping suppliers". While it is true that they are small quantity parts suppliers, in most cases they do not build tools to manufacture the part. Instead, they will use laser cutting machines and CNC punching machines to produce flat blanks, and utilize press brakes to form parts. This is a good method for producing large parts in small quantities without the tooling cost. However, the part cost will typically be higher than using a true "short run stamping" method. If you are ordering more than 200 to 500 pieces annually from a sheet metal company, we strongly suggest you obtain a quote from National Metal Stampings and compare.

If you would like more information about our metal stamping services and how we might be able to help you, please contact us.

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