NMS Logo metal stamping, short run metal stampings, lifetime tooling
After years of business, we are still growing. Now, National Metal Stampings has approximately 30,000 square feet in
Lancaster, California.

We have added new Seyi punch presses to expand our press capacity by 15 percent. We have completely remodeled our Die Room by adding more Mitsubishi wire EDMs and
Haas Machining Centers.

These new machines will expand our tooling capacity by more than 30 percent. We use JobBOSS software to run our production, and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software (Solidworks, Gibbs, MasterCam, Esprit) to run our CNCs in our tooling department.

Our modern high tech facility along with our Short Run Stamping experience enables us to provide quality Short Run Metal Stampings to over 500 customers.

We encourage you to visit our facility for a personal plant tour and a discussion of what we can do to help you with your stamping requirements.